Magic Wand Vibrating Massager


Magic Wand Vibrating Massager


If you want something to please your internal hotspots and give great pleasure, then this G-spot vibrator is the best. With the round-shaped bulb at the end of the smooth and slim shaft, it can provide some immense delightful sensation for your G-spot. This amazing design makes this vibrator even better for massaging the G-spot adding a breathtaking and powerful pleasure.

This vibrator comes with one speed. The long handle is easy to hold the item, so it’s easy to find what works perfectly for your pleasure. You can coat this silicone vibrator with some water-based lubricator for smooth and seamless insertion. The key features of this vibrator include:


The round curved tip can easily target the G-Spot for severe stimulation
Push-button control helps in the easy operation of the vibrator
Provides complete control to you on the settings
Perfect internal massager for your pleasure


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