Clitoris Stimulator


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Clitoris Stimulator


The versatility of a sex toy is based on its ability to offer different sensations and varying levels of intensities. This is what this set of sex toys offers to the user. We understand that those sexual cravings need varying degrees of satiation and this can only work with a well-designed toy set that fits different needs.

There is nothing as annoying as having to go through your items to search for a toy that can quench your sexual thirst. You know when you want to hit your sweet spots, a slight delay could even make the feelings disappear.


This offers convenience in handling and portability by reducing the chances of fatigue. The extra slender feature and a length of shape allow you to fit the item in compact spaces and you can even carry the package with you while you are on the move.

But at no point should you be tempted to think that the tiny design of the toy set would limit its functionality. In fact, it’s powerful and matches the efficiency of its large counterparts. The dimensions have been carefully crafted to offer efficiency and better control when using the vibrator.

With 10 kinds strong vibration modes, you can easily vary the throbbing intensities, escalating, or reducing each throb with a touch of a button. The super-charged modes ensure that you get steady and pulsating sensations on your clitoris, the head of the penis, and the nipples among other erotically sensitive body parts.
Generally, it’s the best petite choice for those who are seeking to get out of their comfort zones. It’s compatible with most water-based lubricants, so, you are guaranteed a high level of efficiency. Its safety and durability are enhanced by the hypoallergenic silicone and the ABS plastic material. For maintenance, you can always wash the toy set with warm soapy water or use a quality toy care foam or fluid.

Note: This toy has been specifically designed for external use. So, you shouldn’t insert it anywhere in your body. Besides that, it’s not compatible with silicone so you should keep it from other silicone toys and shouldn’t use it with silicone lube.


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